Student Work

DEA4530/6530: Planning and Managing the Workplace: The Organizational Ecology of Healthcare Environment(Instructor: Prof. F. Becker) 

 Course Overview

Cayuga Medical Center Studies (2006):

“Why is it the way it is?” — Medical Surgical Unit

Wayfinding at the East Campus of CMC

Preserving Privacy While Ensuring Access, Safety and Communication

Nursing Unit Design : Staff Interaction & Communication patterns

The Social Ecology of the Small Patient-Care Team: Communication Patterns, Proximity, Teamwork, and Design

Establishing a Sense of Safety: Sexual Assault Exam Program and Evironment

Hand Washing: Reducing Nosocomial Infections

The Ecology of Waiting within an Ambulatory Waiting Room


Health Facility Design Dilemma (2009):

Reducing Stigmatization: Remodeling Auburn Memorial Hospital for the Bariatric Patient

The Inclusion of the Bariatric Population

A Wayfinding System for Auburn Memorial Hospital

Crowding and Prolonged Waiting Time in the Emergency Department

Reducing Waiting: Rethinking ER Design to Decrease Waiting

Nursing Unit Design & the Role of Communication at Auburn Memorial Hospital

Auburn Memorial Hospital Obstetrics Unit Redesign

Pathways toward Accessibility and Dignity: Design Strategies for Bariatric Patients

Universal Design: Meeting the Needs of the Bariatric Population


Health Facility Innovation (2009):

Data Mining: Boredom in Hosptials

Stretch the Boundaries of Healthcare Ceilings

How do I get there?

Supporting Emotions of Cancer Patients and their Families during Hospital Treatments

Timing is Critical: Waiting Room Design in a Critical Care Unit

Transforming the Hospital Food Experience into Care


Health Facility Design Dilemma (2010): (Project introduction)

Patient visitation in the medical/surgical unit

Nurses’ stations

Fostering social support

Flexibility & adaptability in hospital design & construction

The patient room: what is the ideal solution?

Staff break room


Cayuga Medical Center Projects (2011): (Project introduction)


Ambulatory Surgery

Operation Room

The Laboratory

Urgent Care