Cayuga Medical Center Phase 2

The Relationship between Nursing Unit Design, Communication and Teamwork among Care Providers, and Quality of Care

Cayuga Medical Center Phase 2:

To allow staff to become fully familiar with the new ICCU, as well as for a number of organizational factors to stabilize, Phase 2 of the CMC study occurred more than a year after the initial move to the new ICCU.Data was collected using essentially the same observational method and survey. The results from the observational data are similar; however, the survey data for job satisfaction, job stress, and teamwork and collaboration improved substantially from the post-move data in Phase 1. Because of the way data was collected it was not possible to determine whether the improvement is higher compared to the pre-move situation, or simply an improvement over the post-move experience. The amount of with doctors declined after the move to the new environment, and has remained low from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of the study.