The Ecology of the Patient Visit: Weill Cornell Medical College Phase 1

The Ecology of the Patient Visit: The Relationship between the Physical Attractiveness of Outpatient Facilities and Patient Satisfaction and Perceived Quality of Care

Weill Cornell Medical College Phase 1:

This study examined the relationship between the attractiveness of the physical environment of healthcare facilities and patient perceptions of quality, service, and waiting time through systematic observations and patient satisfaction surveys at seven outpatient practices at Weill Cornell Medical Center.

Findings indicate positive correlations between more attractive environments and higher levels of perceived quality, satisfaction, staff interaction and reduction of patient anxiety. The comparison of actual observed time and patients’ perception of time showed that patients tend to overestimate shorter waiting times and underestimate longer waiting times, both in the waiting area and the exam room. Further examinations of the way outpatient practice environments impact patient and staff perceptions and how those perceptions impact behavior and medical outcomes is suggested.

Becker, F. and Jones-Douglass, S. (2008) The ecology of the patient visit: Physical attractiveness, waiting times, and perceived quality of care, J. Ambulatory Care Management., 31(2), 128-141.

Douglass, S. (2007). MS thesis