Call for Sponsors

The IWSP research is funded by grants, contracts, and gifts to support undergraduate and graduate students as they work with IWSP faculty in pursuit of honor’s theses and Master’s and Ph.D. degrees; and the research of IWSP faculty and colleagues with whom they collaborate inside and outside Cornell University.

The IWSP welcomes corporate sponsors interested in working with the IWSP to examine facilities-related issues in any of the three areas the IWSP addresses: the Corporate Workplace, Healing Environments, and Sustainable Planning and Design. Over the past fifteen years these corporate sponsors have included organizations such as IBM, Shimizu Corporation, Goldman Sachs, Weill Cornell Medical College, Hewlett-Packard and the Meridian Medical Center, among many others.

Contact Dr. Ying Hua (yh294@cornell.edu) if you are interested in being our sponsor.