Student Work

DEA2550/6590 Introduction to Facility Planning & Management (Instructor: Prof. Franklin Becker)
Course overview


FPM Green Audit (2009):

Orchard Garden Hotel

Liberty Property Trust


Sustainable Innovation (2011):

This four-week project requires students to explore some facet of sustainable facility planning, design, and management.  The intent is to broaden their “image bank” of sustainable practices and to think about what motivates companies to adopt sustainable facility designs and policies to begin to get a sense of the range of benefits that are associated with and attributed to sustainability efforts.

Sustainable Practice Overview

Federal Government Sustainability Practices

Scandinavian Sustainability

Innovation in Green Building Design

Sustainable Designs in the Hospitality Industry


DEA6250 Collaborative Sustainable Building Practice (Instructor: Dr. Ying Hua)

Theses – Master of ScienceZiqi Wu (2011). Evaluation of a sustainable hospital design based on its social and environmental outcomes.