Home-Based Telecommuting

Working from home, often in the evening, has been an informal work practice for a very long time. The difference today is the growing interest of organizations in viewing and supporting the home as an alternative work setting during regular business hours, and for a range of types of work. Many initially considered working at home as largely a “woman’s issue:” Home-based work makes it easier for women with young children to work flexibly. Working from home, however, has become a key component of many workplace strategies, extending to a much wider range of employees and affecting both genders. The IWSP research program has examined:

* whether factors such as gender, age, and family status influence employees’ reactions to working from home;

* the nature of the physical and technological support provided by organizations to home workers;

* the pattern of use of the home work setting in relation to the use of other available settings;

* the impact of working from home on work-family relationships and issues.