Hoteling & Non-Territorial Offices

“Hoteling” is a form of alternative officing in which employees who work out of the office for significant periods of time can call ahead (just as they do in making hotel reservations) and reserve workspace. They select an office or workstation from a specially-designated block of workspaces when they come into the company’s office facilities. The IWSP calls the more general form of unassigned officing “non-territorial offices.” This alternative is characterized by mobile employees who come into a central office to use whatever designated workstations are available on a first come, first served basis. The IWSP research program has examined:

* the factors stimulating this kind of workplace strategy;

*critical success factors, including physical setting, information technology,

*management practices and culture, and work processes,

*a range of organizational consequences, including employee ratings of such workplace strategies in terms of work effectiveness and communication,

*the amount of space saved; and the associated cost savings.